My Tennis Revolution

I’ve been playing tennis for almost 35 years now and love the sport just as much as the day my dad put a racket in my hand.  My love for the sport and also my love for fashion has brought me to creating the Airochi Brand.

The History 

I grew up in a middle class family and my parents both worked hard to pay bills.  They couldn’t afford the high priced private lessons at the time so they enrolled me in tennis academy group clinics.  I befriended competed, and trained with the kids from more well off families and could sense the difference in class with the name branded tennis clothes, shoes, and equipment the other kids were wearing.  All my parents could afford at the time were the cheaper swap meet imitation surfer and skater brand clothes and that’s what I wore to my clinics.  I wore fake Maui and Sons t-shirts and fake bermuda shorts to practice which was a bit odd for a private country club setting where member dress codes were strictly enforced.  To sum it up I basically looked like a tennis player ready to jump into the ocean and catch some waves.  This was where I got the idea to create a brand with a surfer and skater type appeal for tennis.

Fast forward 15 years later, I just graduated college and working my first job in a lab.  I was miserable working in the basement never seeing the light of day.  I decided to look into taking up my passion for tennis again….


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